Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Recap

Last night was the first time I watched the Oscars through to the end.  Normally I'll tune into the red carpet, maybe see the beginning of the awards, and wind up passing out before the good ones are actually presented.  I'm so glad I did, mainly because the Les Miserables performance gave me chills.  If you haven't seen Les Mis, go now.  Seriously, so inspirational, not to mention I am now in love with every single cast member.  Eddie Redmayne had my heart in "My Week With Marilyn", but did you know he started out as a Burberry model?  Makes so much sense.  Now I'm thinking he's my favorite actor in Hollywood.  Amanda Seyfried?  GORGEOUS.  Let's talk her red-carpet looks...

Alexander McQueen


When she stepped out in this red Givenchy dress my jaw dropped and I'll admit, I teared up.  I'm making a bold move, but this dress is my fave from the 2013 Oscars.  Here are some more fab looks:

Hale Berry in Versace

I love everything about this, modern, sexy, and powerful.

Charlize Theron in Dior

Of course as the spokesperson for the brand, we were expecting a Dior piece.  This however really stunned me.  So sleek, modern, and also feminine, a nice contrast to her hair.

Zoe Saldana in Alexis Mabille Couture

Every year I'm in love with Zoe's look, especially this one.  I could do without the belt, though (I know it's the new trend...give me a month or so).

Jane Fonda in Versace

Jane, oh Jane.  You are one hot mama.  I'm obsessed with her in this neon yellow sleek Versace dress.  She has such an amazing body, and at her age why not grab some attention and show it off!

Samantha Barks in Valentino

I don't know why, but this really stood out to me.  I love that she was confident enough to rock something as simple as this dress.  Very sexy, and very chic.  Maybe because it reminds me of the red Calvin Klein dress Jennifer Lawrence wore to last years Oscars, which is still my favorite look of hers.  On second thought, maybe this is:

That's my kind of girl.  Above all my favorite actress, thank you Jennifer for having some spunk, huge fan of this.  And THANK YOU for wearing the back necklace...NEED ONE.  I've been on the search for a while, but now I'm really motivated to get my hands on one.

Before I end this post...I neeeeeed to get this out of my system:

Dear Helen Hunt,
My assumptions are that by wearing this H&M "gown", you were trying to make a point that you can be sensible on the red carpet, and eco-friendly.

You failed miserably.

I would have been sympathetic to your cause until you revealed that you were wearing $700,000 worth of jewels.Next time you decide to pull a stunt like this, please understand that you severely contradict yourself when you make that pairing.

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