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Welcome to Stile Vienna, your very own Personal Styling Consultant!

My name is Vienna Zuccaro, and I hail from Long Island, New York.  I just moved to Minneapolis, MN in September, 2012 and have to say I have been enjoying my time in the Twin Cities.  I came here for a life experience along with my boyfriend, Dylan, and my two Hairless Chinese Cresteds, Oscar and Tristan.  Dylan is attending law school at the University of Minnesota, and together we are learning a lot about each other, the midwest, and life in general!

My dream is to one day open my own fashion boutique, and Personal Styling is a great way for me to initiate this dream.  I realized that there are so many beautiful women who want to look and feel great, but they just don't have the time to do it, or perhaps they haven't been inspired!  Stile Vienna is all about finding your personal style, and driving it to it's full potential!

If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and are in need of some styling, please pay attention to the following:


With this flat consultation fee you will receive:

In-person meeting with me involving a questionnaire, analyzing your style, needs, wants, comfort levels and budget.
A discussion of hair, make-up, and accessories.
A personal look book of outfits and styles in response to your questionnaire and in-person consultation.

The consultation includes 1 hour.  After 1 hour I will charge an hourly rate.

If you decide that you truly love what I've shown you in the look-book, then we can move on to the REAL styling!


Hourly Rate $25
An hourly rate will be applied from the start of one-on-one shopping with you.  The hourly rate is a more efficient way to shop when you are looking for a lot of pieces.  Rather than charging commission for every piece you buy, we can concentrate more on getting you what you need, rather than racking up your bill!

Commission is used in certain situations, say if I am on my own time, but pick up a piece for you.  Please inquire for a full price list regarding Commission.

Travel Time
Of course, time is I like to charge travel in time, rather than miles.  Travel rates are discussed upon setting up a Consultation Appointment.

Stile Vienna has many different options for Styling.  For example, perhaps  you just need someone to come over and help clean out your closet, and brainstorm on what kind of pieces you should fill it with.  Maybe you just need one outfit for an event, or maybe you have all of these beautiful pieces, but need help putting them together.  Whatever your styling needs, I am at your service!

Please contact for all inquiries.

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