Thursday, May 23, 2013

Refinery29 on Wendy Polish

I start every morning by checking my favorite blogs.  It helps me keep in touch with the trends, and reminds me each day to remember who I am, be passionate about the things I love, and keep my dreams alive by being inspired by others' successes.  Refinery29 posted an article about Wendy Polish, an LA artist and mother.  I was most inspired by her minimalist beauty, I think if I were a blonde I would like to be her "type" of blonde (not talkin' just hair color).  However, I'm brunette and still figuring out what my type of brunette is.  She is chic, effortless, and incredibly beautiful.  I find her style inspiring because it reminds me that sometimes less is more.

Wendy Polish

Check it out, see if you're inspired too: Wendy Polish via Refinery29

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So I just blacked out and when I woke up there were 2 emails in my inbox claiming I ordered five pairs of shoes.

Now the thing about me is, I have serious anxiety issues.  I'm not at that point in my life where I can just easily purchase hundreds of dollars worth of shoes.  So when I do, I get severe buyer's remorse that can only be subdued by the possibility of free returns which both these websites offer.  Hey, I just got my tax returns and my birthday is coming up, so here we are.  Plus last summer I purged every pair of sandals I owned.  In high school I worked in an upscale shoe store and had enough pairs of sandals to last me through college and never even get bored.  All this means is that this year it was time to restock my sandal inventory.  Here I go, justifying my spending habits.

That being said, I try and spend my money on DECENT shoes.  Of course it's easy to get suckered in to the cheaper $30 sandals, but I know that with bare feet through an endless summer those sandals will surely have their end.  So I went for a higher (but of course not too high) price point, with classic sandals that were both simple, chic, and on-trend, similar to most things I buy.  Looking at sandal upon sandal of every possible website I could think of narrowed my decisions down to these bad-boys.  So many of the current designs are chunky, clunky, manly sandals.  I'm a lady, with delicate feet (I like to think) and I will not be seen in any hipster Coachella wanna be sandal (with my budget and limited options anyway).  I wanted something colorful, something to slip on, something with metallic, something black, something neutral, and something neon.  Needless to say I pretty much got what I wanted with these picks.  I also have been stalking the Joie "Nice" sandals in mint for some time, and when Shopbop declared 'ONLY ONE LEFT' in my size, I took no chances.  If you're a size 8, my sincere apologies...but good luck finding them else-ware!  As for the Zara heels, I mean, c'mon.  I don't think those need an explanation.

Stay tuned for my next Steve Madden purchases, which will hopefully take place within the next couple of weeks!  (I'm sick, I know).

Joie "Nice" $115 via Shopbop

Madewell "T Strap" $88 via Shopbop

Splendid "Congo" $66 via Shopbop

Zara $80

Zara $50

I ordered the Garbo shoe from a couple posts ago, and love it!  Okay, I'm done now.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Transitioning

I'd like to start off this post by remembering all of the victims, and friends and family affected by last weeks unspeakable events in Boston.

My friend Kelley was visiting me this past Monday when the Boston Marathon Bombing happened.  She's a born and raised Boston girl, and currently lives and works there.  For her this tragedy hit really close to home, and it was hard for us to concentrate on anything else after she got that first text.  For me, I went to school 45 minutes south of Boston, at UMass Dartmouth.  Many of my friends are from Boston, or currently work there.  I've visited the city many times and call Massachusetts my second home.  Although I was involved in many a debate over which was the better city, New York or Boston, I can honestly say there really is no "better" of the two.

Boston is amazing for many reasons.  What I've collected from my 4 years of living in the commonwealth is that I've never seen a greater sense of unity and pride than I did when I lived there.  I always felt this way since my freshmen year.  It was hard being an outcast from New York, and I was constantly having to defend my state and my city.  Never have I ever had to do that in any other state, and I'm not gonna lie I really hated it for a while.  Bostonians have ties that are unbreakable, along with incredible bravery and passion.  Passion, is the main word I would use to describe Boston.

Perhaps you recognize the name of my school, UMass Dartmouth.  We've been in the news quite a bit since Friday.  On my way to work early Friday morning, I got a text from a friend.  It was a picture of the UMD website saying campus is closed; one of the bombing suspects is a registered student.

I felt my heart drop deep into my stomach as I frantically texted some of my friends that still attend the University.  I, myself am still a registered student finishing up the last online course I need to receive my diploma.  They said it was true, and that the campus was being evacuated.  Throughout the day I refreshed my twitter feed, and was texting back and forth with my UMD colleagues for updates.  The bomber in question, he-who-must-not-be-named, lived in my old dormitory, that alone gave me chills.  I was an Orientation Leader when he was a freshmen, what if he was in one of my groups?  One of the many students I helped with directions, or sat with at lunch to make them feel welcome?  Of course that means nothing, but still it makes you think.

I found myself unable to do anything all day, my mind in gloom.  What if this person, decided he would set a pressure-cooker bomb off at my beloved University, instead of the Marathon?  It's insane to think that this person walked my campus a regular student that nobody would have ever questioned.  I know for me, this hit extremely close to home and makes you hold your loved ones a little closer.

UMass Dartmouth is not a bad school, in fact it's a great school.  We are second for public universities in Mass only to UMass Amherst.  I know that every time I came home to New York and someone would ask where I went to school, they had never heard of UMD, and assumed I went to the Amherst campus, or the Ivy League Dartmouth.  Now, they probably will but for all the wrong reasons.  Anyone who attends UMD remembers it by its concrete and strange architecture, partying in the Dell, eating at Res, Thursday nights at 908, and hating your life when you realized you had an 8am class in the Dion building.  I refuse to let this incident taint the reputation of my Alma Mater.  Not even a year ago I sat through my graduation commencement, and cried realizing how many memories I had on that campus, and how I'll never forget any of them.  I met Dylan there, along with friends that I'll have for a lifetime, and for that I'll always be grateful.  UMass Dartmouth made me who I am today, and taught me more about life than anything else ever has.

In Dedication to UMASS DARTMOUTH
Boston Strong

For those of you that are unaware, it is still -3,000 degrees here in Minnesota.  JK, but it's like 30, there's snow on the ground and today April 22nd the forecast also says: snow.

Keeping that in mind, I've been trying my best to transition into spring.  It hasn't been easy!  It's hard enough to find motivation when it's this cold, let alone have my toes bare the snow.  That being said, I've been dressing more like it's fall than spring.  I know all of the fashion who's-who's say to wear bright colors, white pants, and light layers to deal with this, but I just feel extremely out of place when I try that.  So, here was an outfit I wore yesterday to do a little shopping for more spring clothes, while it's still practically winter.

Scarf - Alpaca Farm in Massachussetts
Jacket - H&M (On sale for $15!)
Black Shirt - Zara
Jeans - H&M (old)
Flats - Sam Edelman
Bag - Milly NY

I've also been trying to keep fresh flowers in the Apartment, to make us a little more cheery on these dreery days.

I was so excited to find this jacket.  I'd been on the lookout for a leopard coat, and this one is PERFECT for spring, and fall.  It's incredibly light (which isn't very practical with the current spring weather), and overall a good pattern of leopard.  I hate when they're too brown, or too small of a print.

I'm in love with this Milly purse.  I don't usually carry a brown bag, except for my Speedy which I feel I've worn to death.  This one is very ladylike, and has that Celine feel with the stitching pattern on the front.

As you can see, Oscar wanted to come with...but it's just too cold for him outside!  Hence, sweater.

Warm weather is approaching next week, so come back for a real Spring post!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shoes I'm Craving

I'm having shopping withdrawals.

I have sworn off shopping until my friend comes to town this weekend.  She's flying allll the way from Massachusetts to Minneapolis just to see me!  We have an entire day of her trip dedicated to the Mall of America, so I've been holding off on purchasing anything until then.  It's been really hard, but also pretty good since I haven't spent useless money and I've been able to put together a list of things that I absolutely need.  Don't you hate when you get home after a shopping spree and can't even remember what you bought?  That is a really good way to waste money.  So, I suggest looking through your favorite mags, blogs, celeb street shots, and whatever else you need to compile a list of your season look.  This will make shopping more efficient, and economical.  Also, check your store's websites to browse what they have, so that you can be on a more direct mission once in the store, rather than lolly-gagging and oops, I have 19 things and I can only bring 6 in the dressing room?  What gives.  Any way...

I spend a really vast amount of my time obsessing over shoes.  They're porn for me, I just freakin love shoes.    Now that I can say goodbye to my winter boots and hello to my chic flats, fun sandals, and sexy open-toe heels...I'm on the hunt.  There are like 2 weeks out of every month where I stalk my favorite shoe sites for my next victims, and here is the shortened list I've come up with of what I NEED.  (Don't you love that word?).  Actually, kinda sad.  I haven't blogged a thing because the list of shoes I want is so long, I had serious anxiety about the amount of time I would have to put into this one post.  Problem?  Eh.

If you're feeling generous I'm currently accepting donations to my shoe fund.  Hey, a girl can dream right?

Gianvito Rossi - Winged Pump

Steve Madden - Stelth

This shoe has been driving me NUTS.  I first saw the Gianvito Rossi pair on Gwyneth Paltrow.  Then, Steve Madden made my dreams come true with "Stelth", more budget-friendly.  Now, I'm just freaking out about which color I want.  I also saw an even less expensive pair on ASOS.  So these shoes really fit any budget.

Boutique 9 - Baste Fringe Ankle Flat Sandal
I love last call, and I love an Indian-inspired fringe sandal, not to mention white shoes are really in this season!

Shoe Mint - Audrey
ASOS - Liberty
Steven by Steve Madden - Vampy
Jeffrey Campbell - In Love
Chic.  Lots of options here.  But I like Steve Maddens layering, and plain black leather.  Jeffrey Campbell's are cute in patent, or ShoeMint in electric blue Suede!  Most likely when I run out of money, I'll have to go with the cheaper ASOS version.

Shoe Mint - Garbo
Jeffrey Campbell - Don't Cap Toe Booties
I can't stop looking at these.  I find myself periodically checking Shoe Mint throughout the day just to stare at them, and hope they somehow teleport through my computer screen and make their way onto my feet.  I've decided these will be my first purchase.  In the white.  A pair of sexy white heels will be crucial to my spring/summer wardrobe...and a great way to show off some evenly tanned toes.  Are you in love yet? Too bad.  Don't buy them unless they're for me.  Jeffrey Campbell's are more expensive, but just in case Shoe Mint sells out before I can snag, then I'll be punished by having to pay more.  Plus the metal heel is super trendy.

There are various others that I keep checking on zappos, piperlime,, shopbop and zara.  God I love Zara.  OPEN IN MINNESOTA FOR CHRISTS SAKE.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Wedge Sneaker

I know they're really big this year, and I really hate whoever's idea they were, but this is just one of those things I think we'll look back on and really regret.  As in "OMG WHATT was I thinking?".  Still, I may get a pair...don't judge...I'll just refuse to be photographed in them.  However, if you ARE interested in following this latest are some options for you ranging in price.

Rachel Zoe


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sam Edelman

Vince Camuto

Forever 21

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Travel Attire

Today is both a very exciting, and very annoying day.  At 7 pm (assuming I can pull my act together) Dylan, the dogs, and I will be en route to New York.  It's a 20 hour drive, (yes, we're driving) and we don't stop for anything, except maybe gas and bathroom/food breaks for ourselves and the pooches.  So in honor of this miserable drive across the Midwest to the east is a travel-inspired outfit that I will NOT be wearing, because there is no good outfit for 20 straight hours in a car that doesn't include baggy sweatpants and a huge t-shirt, maybe some slippers if I'm feeling polite.  However, if I were traveling a path more comfortable and timely, then this would be the perfect outfit!  Think: Airport, shorter road trip, train, bus etc...

In college I was always making the 4 hour drive back and forth from New York to Massachusetts.  Often when I reached my destination I needed to be ready to head out again for dinner or parties or meeting up with friends.  An outfit like this is perfect for that transition.  Comfortable, but presentable.

A word on the watch:  I know that the trend right now is huge watches that make your wrists look super tiny (awesome).  But I have a feeling that smaller more feminine watches are going to make a comeback.  Sometimes driving can be uncomfortable with a 20 lb watch on your wrist, so this is a more practical alternative.  I made this outfit on polyvore, so it doesn't mean that it's within budget, although I kept every piece under $200, besides the cardigan. But you can without a doubt find all of these pieces at a great price!

Travel Attire

Cashmere cardigan
$385 -

Lot78 printed shirt

Bardot tall pants
$83 -

Leather boots
$165 -

Pendant jewelry

Pendant jewelry

Rag bone