Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog, and learn more about me!  My name is Vienna, and I hail from Long Island, New York.  I went to college in Massachusetts, and just graduated this past Spring ('12) with concentrations in Sociology and Literature.  Like most young adults, choosing a major was really difficult for me.  I knew that I loved fashion, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to make a career out of it.  In my final year at school I decided that I wanted to one day own my own women's boutique.  I had worked in boutiques for a very long time, and realized that since I truly loved going to work every day, it was a sign.  Stile Vienna, is a blog dedicated not only to my personal style and thoughts, but also to personal style consulting, an adventure that I am excited to embark on!

My other passion is dogs.  Growing up I showed Hairless Chinese Cresteds in AKC dog shows across the Northeast.  It was the perfect hobby for me because I loved dogs so much as a kid, and still do today.  I have experience in training, grooming, home remedies, behavior and breeding.  One section of my blog will be devoted to anything and everything canine!  A tribute to the dogs I know and love, as well as animal welfare across the country.  I am an extreme advocate fighting for more legislature to one day extinguish puppy mills, pet stores selling puppies, and commercial breeders.  You can learn more about this in the "Girls Best Friend" page of my blog.

In September, 2012 I moved to Minneapolis, MN with my boyfriend Dylan, and two Hairless Chinese Cresteds, Oscar and Tristan.  He attends the law school at the University of Minnesota.  Moving across the country has been an amazing life lesson so far, and although I miss New York at times, I am constantly learning and loving all that Minnesota has to offer.  It is here in Minneapolis where Stile Vienna reins, and I encourage you to get in contact with me for any and all of your style consulting needs!

Before you choose to work with me, know that I am a very honest, and down-to-earth person.  I believe that personal style is extremely important, and is what makes the world of fashion so much more interesting.  I will never push my own tastes on you, but encourage you to discover what you like, and how to incorporate it into your own image.  I'm always laughing, and I'm extremely vivacious and enthusiastic.  I wake up every morning, knowing that my day will not be lived to the fullest unless I am looking and feeling by best.   You never know when you’ll have a date with destiny”.  These are the words my mother always said to me on my way out the door, after the Coco Chanel quote.  My mother is my biggest inspiration.  She is the classiest, most well-dressed woman I know, and has recently followed her dreams and runs her own Interior Decorating business.  I am in awe of everything she does and has accomplished, and can only hope to one day follow her footsteps.

I hope to hear from you soon! stilevienna@gmail.com

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