Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Official News

Magnet, c/o Patina
It's official, I'm hopping on the blog train.

After graduating from college at the age of 22 and moving from New York to Minneapolis, I've been asking myself a lot of "life" questions.  It's taken me some time to figure out a way for me to achieve some pride in what I do on a day to day basis.  Nowadays, everyone is so worried that life is going to pass them by, and before you know it you have all of these regrets from things you never did.  I think that's my biggest fear.  Waking up one day and not feeling fulfilled.

So I guess that was my inspiration to start blogging.  Everyday I look to blogs for fashion inspiration, recipes, home remedies, and much, much more.  I love fashion, and although I'm on a student loan budget, I put my heart and soul into always (well, almost always) looking my best.  I also love dogs.  I have been showing dogs in AKC dog shows since I'm 14 years old, and consider that a passion of mine.  Here on this blog I will combine these two passions for myself, and of course my readers.

Going further in inspiration, I have started my own Personal Styling business.  This has not only given me the motivation to make my dreams come true, but also makes this blog a little more practical.  "Stile Vienna" means Styles by Vienna, and is the name of my Style Consulting business.  My ultimate dream is to one day own my own fashion boutique, and I believe this is the first step to truly conquering that.  As I get my business up and running, I will be posting pictures of outfit inspiration, and before and afters of my first clients.

Stile Vienna is up and running in Minneapolis, MN.  I moved here in September from Long Island, New York with my boyfriend, Dylan.  Dylan is attending law school at the University of Minnesota, and I will also be posting news about our exciting new life adventure.  Please contact me at if you need some personal styling!

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