Girl's Best Friend

Oscar and Tristan
Firstly and Foremostly, you must be introduced to the two loves of my life, Oscar and Tristan.  They are my two Hairless Chinese Cresteds, as you may already be able to tell.  They would be really mad at me if they knew I was using this picture, as it was taken in the very heart of the Minnesota winter and they, like me, are extremely pale.  Perhaps you recognize them from some of Blu Dot's social media outlets such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.  They're really good at modeling when it comes to laying on sofas.

I've had Chinese Cresteds since I'm 8 years old, among other breeds such as Jack Russell's and an Entlebucher Sennenhund.  I absolutely adore this breed.  They're like pit bulls in small hairless bodies.  Historians believe they originated in Africa, and then were brought to China on ships and used as ratters.  Once in China, they were known for being the bed warmers of royal families and the like.  As a hairless dog, their body temperature is higher than a normal dog, and they act like a heater when you lay next to them (seriously, you'll start to sweat).

My two boys are the lights of my life.  at 15 and 6 lbs, they're small but fierce, and also a little lazy.  I've never been around a breed of dog that was able to understand my emotions and language more than a command.  They are extremely intuitive, and adept to their owners every move.  They're also sensitive, but most of all, they keep me entertained and always laughing.


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