Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So I just blacked out and when I woke up there were 2 emails in my inbox claiming I ordered five pairs of shoes.

Now the thing about me is, I have serious anxiety issues.  I'm not at that point in my life where I can just easily purchase hundreds of dollars worth of shoes.  So when I do, I get severe buyer's remorse that can only be subdued by the possibility of free returns which both these websites offer.  Hey, I just got my tax returns and my birthday is coming up, so here we are.  Plus last summer I purged every pair of sandals I owned.  In high school I worked in an upscale shoe store and had enough pairs of sandals to last me through college and never even get bored.  All this means is that this year it was time to restock my sandal inventory.  Here I go, justifying my spending habits.

That being said, I try and spend my money on DECENT shoes.  Of course it's easy to get suckered in to the cheaper $30 sandals, but I know that with bare feet through an endless summer those sandals will surely have their end.  So I went for a higher (but of course not too high) price point, with classic sandals that were both simple, chic, and on-trend, similar to most things I buy.  Looking at sandal upon sandal of every possible website I could think of narrowed my decisions down to these bad-boys.  So many of the current designs are chunky, clunky, manly sandals.  I'm a lady, with delicate feet (I like to think) and I will not be seen in any hipster Coachella wanna be sandal (with my budget and limited options anyway).  I wanted something colorful, something to slip on, something with metallic, something black, something neutral, and something neon.  Needless to say I pretty much got what I wanted with these picks.  I also have been stalking the Joie "Nice" sandals in mint for some time, and when Shopbop declared 'ONLY ONE LEFT' in my size, I took no chances.  If you're a size 8, my sincere apologies...but good luck finding them else-ware!  As for the Zara heels, I mean, c'mon.  I don't think those need an explanation.

Stay tuned for my next Steve Madden purchases, which will hopefully take place within the next couple of weeks!  (I'm sick, I know).

Joie "Nice" $115 via Shopbop

Madewell "T Strap" $88 via Shopbop

Splendid "Congo" $66 via Shopbop

Zara $80

Zara $50

I ordered the Garbo shoe from a couple posts ago, and love it!  Okay, I'm done now.

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