Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shoes I'm Craving

I'm having shopping withdrawals.

I have sworn off shopping until my friend comes to town this weekend.  She's flying allll the way from Massachusetts to Minneapolis just to see me!  We have an entire day of her trip dedicated to the Mall of America, so I've been holding off on purchasing anything until then.  It's been really hard, but also pretty good since I haven't spent useless money and I've been able to put together a list of things that I absolutely need.  Don't you hate when you get home after a shopping spree and can't even remember what you bought?  That is a really good way to waste money.  So, I suggest looking through your favorite mags, blogs, celeb street shots, and whatever else you need to compile a list of your season look.  This will make shopping more efficient, and economical.  Also, check your store's websites to browse what they have, so that you can be on a more direct mission once in the store, rather than lolly-gagging and oops, I have 19 things and I can only bring 6 in the dressing room?  What gives.  Any way...

I spend a really vast amount of my time obsessing over shoes.  They're porn for me, I just freakin love shoes.    Now that I can say goodbye to my winter boots and hello to my chic flats, fun sandals, and sexy open-toe heels...I'm on the hunt.  There are like 2 weeks out of every month where I stalk my favorite shoe sites for my next victims, and here is the shortened list I've come up with of what I NEED.  (Don't you love that word?).  Actually, kinda sad.  I haven't blogged a thing because the list of shoes I want is so long, I had serious anxiety about the amount of time I would have to put into this one post.  Problem?  Eh.

If you're feeling generous I'm currently accepting donations to my shoe fund.  Hey, a girl can dream right?

Gianvito Rossi - Winged Pump

Steve Madden - Stelth

This shoe has been driving me NUTS.  I first saw the Gianvito Rossi pair on Gwyneth Paltrow.  Then, Steve Madden made my dreams come true with "Stelth", more budget-friendly.  Now, I'm just freaking out about which color I want.  I also saw an even less expensive pair on ASOS.  So these shoes really fit any budget.

Boutique 9 - Baste Fringe Ankle Flat Sandal
I love last call, and I love an Indian-inspired fringe sandal, not to mention white shoes are really in this season!

Shoe Mint - Audrey
ASOS - Liberty
Steven by Steve Madden - Vampy
Jeffrey Campbell - In Love
Chic.  Lots of options here.  But I like Steve Maddens layering, and plain black leather.  Jeffrey Campbell's are cute in patent, or ShoeMint in electric blue Suede!  Most likely when I run out of money, I'll have to go with the cheaper ASOS version.

Shoe Mint - Garbo
Jeffrey Campbell - Don't Cap Toe Booties
I can't stop looking at these.  I find myself periodically checking Shoe Mint throughout the day just to stare at them, and hope they somehow teleport through my computer screen and make their way onto my feet.  I've decided these will be my first purchase.  In the white.  A pair of sexy white heels will be crucial to my spring/summer wardrobe...and a great way to show off some evenly tanned toes.  Are you in love yet? Too bad.  Don't buy them unless they're for me.  Jeffrey Campbell's are more expensive, but just in case Shoe Mint sells out before I can snag, then I'll be punished by having to pay more.  Plus the metal heel is super trendy.

There are various others that I keep checking on zappos, piperlime,, shopbop and zara.  God I love Zara.  OPEN IN MINNESOTA FOR CHRISTS SAKE.

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